Interested in joining Actors Theatre of Missouri?

Membership is open to all persons (By-Laws/Article 4.)  Membership registration is available at all Actors Theatre of Missouri functions, including meetings, auditions, performances, etc. Adult dues are $10 per year (15 and under are $5 per year for non-voting membership.)  Alternatively, any person who provides 10 hours or more of volunteer work to ATM in a calendar year will receive automatic dues-free membership for that year. 

For more information, send an e-mail to Member Services, and we'll be happy to fill in the details!

For current members of Actors Theatre of Missouri -

If you have a new e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, or any other information to update on your membership registration, please click here to send an e-mail to the Member Services committee. They will make sure to get your membership information updated.


Membership is open to all interested persons, without regard to Sex, Age, Race, Color, Creed, Handicap Status, National Origin, Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.  A person must be a member to participate in any ATM activity, including, but not limited to: actors, actresses, directors, Producer, House Manager and others. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, non-members may be utilized for other ATM activities. Members who are sixteen (16) years of age or older may vote. Members younger than 16 may not vote, but shall be accorded all other benefits of membership. A person may become a member in one of two ways:

a.                            By paying the required dues to the Treasurer. Dues may also be paid to another member of the Board, or a duly appointed representative of the Board. In this case, the Board member or representative will give the dues to the Treasurer at the earliest convenience.  The Board will determine the dollar amount of dues. The amount for dues for non-voting members will be less than that for voting members. Dues are payable when a person joins ATM, and after that, yearly, by August 31st.


b.                            By performing as an ATM volunteer for 10 hours.  To receive new membership privileges, the prospective member will perform 10 hours of volunteer service within ATM.  At the completion of those 10 hours of volunteer service, the Member Services Committee will issue a membership card to the new member.  The date the membership card is issued will be the date the member will be considered to have a valid membership. 

When a member joins by paying dues or by volunteering, they will remain a member provided they continue to serve a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service within ATM within the 12 month period from which their membership began.  Non volunteers may keep an active membership by continuing to pay the required membership dues annually.

The Fiscal Year for ATM shall follow the calendar year.  Only members holding a valid voting Membership of thirty days or more may vote, nominate, may be nominated or be elected to office. Dues will be considered to have been paid when the Treasurer, a Board member, or a duly appointed representative of the Board has received them. In the event that the dues of a member, due to a mistake, are not properly given to or recorded by the Treasurer, the member shall be determined to be eligible to vote and run for office if it is found that he/she made a good faith effort to pay his/her dues on time. The Secretary shall make the determination, in accordance with Fairness (see Article 3: FAIRNESS), the good of ATM, and common sense.  To retain voting rights in the organization, all members must adhere to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as approved by the Board of Directors and must have volunteered in an ATM function since the last election