Actors Theatre of Missouri
Photo Gallery

Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang
Vandivort Center Theatre (July 2007)

Daniel Kohl, Todd Turoci, Jared Lee, Jill Bailey, Clancy Parks, Lynda Ellis

Jill Bailey, Jared Lee, Clancy Parks

Lynda Ellis and Todd Turoci

Clancy Parks and Jill Bailey

Jill Bailey and Jared Lee

Lynda Ellis and Jared Lee

Laughter on the 23rd Floor by Neil Simon
Vandivort Center Theatre (November 2006)

Leonard Hernandez, Clancy Parks, and Joe Kuntz


Bill Stratton

Jared Lee, Bill Stratton, Leonard Hernandez, Joe Kuntz, Clancy Parks, Todd Osbern, and Heather Ludwig

Clancy Parks, David Logan, Leonard Hernandez, Todd Osbern, Joe Kuntz, Jared Lee, Bill Stratton, and Heather Ludwig

The Weir by Conor McPherson
Vandivort Center Theatre (June 2006)

Joe Kuntz and Michael Lee

Emma Chapman

Joe Kuntz and Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman and Michael Lee

Todd Smith and Emma Chapman

David Rice, Joe Kuntz, Emma Chapman, Michael Lee, and Todd Smith

Company by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth
Vandivort Center Theatre (January 2005)


Gary Lyons, Bruce Myers, Jennifer Armstrong

Donna Cook, Teresa Beisley; Anna Martin

Gary Lyons, Nathan Grant, Carolyn Elder

Alison Smith, Christopher Leavy

Bruce Myers, Nathan Grant, Christopher Leavy, David DePriest, Bill Stratton

Bill Stratton, Sandee DePriest, Gary Lyons

Gary Lyons, Judy Starks, David DePriest

Don't Touch That Dial
Live radio performance in cooperation with KTOZ radio (October 2004)

Fritz Warren and Jill Bailey

"The Shadow"

(from left) David Rice, Todd Osbern, Nathan Grant, Jill Bailey, and Nancy Anderson

Meg Rice, David Rice, and John Sellars

Elizabeth Osbern

Kamikaze Cabaret
Our first fundraiser (October 2004)

Jane Sellars and John Sellars

Closing number

Ali Smith and Todd Smith

Todd Osbern and Nathan Grant